Supporting Italian language programs in elementary, middle, and high schools

Known throughout the world for its cultural heritage, art treasures, writers, thinkers, educators, inventors, scientists, artists, and musicians, Italy has been an enduring source or innovation, creativity, original thought and learning. A deeper understanding of the Italian language and culture will enhance the educational experience of our students and lead to deeper awareness of cultural differences that enables children and young adults to become more open to and accepting of other cultures.

Italidea-Midwest Ltd provides the building blocks necessary to expand the horizons of the students/future leaders that we support and to build an enduring bridge between the United States and Italy through a deeper understanding and appreciation of Italian language and culture.

Italidea-Midwest Ltd is committed to initiate, fund and maintain projects and initiatives designed to increase the number of schools, students and language teachers that we support, and build lasting and meaningful relationships with the schools, administrators and faculty that we serve.

However, in times of economic difficulty and budget cuts, such programs tend to suffer.

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